About Lex

Lexia Snowe is a transatlantic writer and filmmaker, born in England in 1980.

  • Screenwriting
    Lex writes feature and TV screenplays in the action, thriller and noir genres for both studio and independent production. She has projects in development in both USA and Europe. Read more
  • Fiction
    Lex also writes novels, short stories and various standalone prose pieces. She is currently polishing for publication 'Honeycomb (Pieces on Love)', a collection of poetry and short stories about love. Her first novel 'Redondo' will follow in 2016. She posts new (and dusted down) fiction to her online journal Scatterpunk. Read more
  • Filmmaking
    Lex's debut short film 'Look' is in post-production, with two more self-penned shorts to follow in early 2016. She'll make her feature debut as a writer-director in 2017. Read more
  • Bio, Express
    Lex is a graduate of Oxford University and London Film School. In pursuit of her present projects, she divides her time between Los Angeles, London and Berlin. She is a passionate cyclist and runner, which sure came in handy for her directing and acting debut, action short Look. She is also known to dork out on: electronic dance music, L.A. culture, civil rights, fashion photography and airport architecture.


Projects under development in 2015 include...

Fault Lines

Feature film screenplay. An FBI excavation specialist returns from career burn-out to lead a team to ground zero after a terrorist attack on NYC subway. Female-led survival thriller, which has placed three times in the Nicholl Fellowship for Screenwriting (2012, 2013, 2014).

Code Blue

Feature film screenplay. A SWAT specialist, disgraced after a rescue mission unravels, is given a chance to redeem herself: she must act under cover of death and apprehend the culprits on her own. Action thriller, set in the near future.

Freight Run

Feature film screenplay. In the near future, a self-destructive cop is taken captive by a violent gang determined to use her credentials to escape. Action thriller.


Feature film screenplay. L.A. crime thriller, which Lex has written as her feature film directing debut.


Feature film screenplay. Dramatic thriller, drawing on real-life political protests and miscarriages of justice in the US.


TV series pilot script. Serial espionage thriller, in the vein of 'Homeland' and 'Orphan Black'.


Look out for these fiction projects in the near future. Click each thumbnail for more.

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Films directed by Lexia Snowe in production or development in 2015

Look (2015)

Action short. 4 mins.

In post production. A hardscrabble girl mourning her brother sets out to recover his bicycle on the streets of L.A. Written and directed by Lexia Snowe, who also stars as the girl, performing all the cycling and running herself. See gallery →

Song (2016)

Noir short. 5 mins.

In pre-production, for production in 2016. A couple meet up after a plan to make them rich has succeeded, but only at a terrible price. Written and directed by Lexia Snowe.

Midnight Oil (2016)

Action thriller short. 10 mins.

In pre-production, for production in 2016. A corporate whistle-blower with insider information that will make his fortune must outwit his psychotic supervisor and escape the building. Written and directed by Lexia Snowe.

The Umbrella Project (2016)

Political thriller short. 12 mins.

In development, for production in 2016. At a time of war, a librarian in an occupied city takes a quiet stance against tyranny. Written and directed by Lexia Snowe.

Indifference (2017)

Crime thriller feature. 110 mins.

In development, for production in 2017. This L.A. crime thriller, requiring only six actors and four locations, will be Lexia Snowe's feature film directing debut.
More? Lexia Snowe's Filmmaking website is BenthicPictures.com

Lexia Snowe News

The latest advances in Lexia Snowe screenwriting, fiction and filmmaking.

Published today on Lexia Snowe's online journal, Scatterpunk.com: fan mail to Kentucky marriage clerk, Kim Davis. Davis shot to fame (via jail) for refusing marriage licenses to gay couples, as same-sex marriage conflicts with her religious beliefs. In this particular fan letter, her somewhat unhinged admirer may perhaps have misunderstood Davis's reasons for taking her stance... Click here to read 'Dear Kim Davis - A Superfan Napkin'.
Lexia Snowe's collection of poetry and short stories about love now has a shiny new web home at HoneycombPieces.com . You'll find a full contents list, background to the book and a selection of photography by Lexia Snowe. Check out the new site right now, before the Internet goes extinct! (as we all know it will, real soon...)
Recognizing she is no longer familiar with the novel's original setting of London, England, Lex has decided to relocate her long-gestating novel CLIMBING SCRAPYARDS to Los Angeles. This decision has immediately helped with a few knots in the story, and streamlined some of the character backgrounds.

Lex will be revising the manuscript in parallel with all her other projects, including her genre novel REDONDO, so a conservative completion date is late 2016. The novel's website ClimbingScrapyards.com , is scheduled to be converted to a responsive design (mobile friendly) in the near future. It will simultaneously be updated to the new setting, complete with L.A. photography by Lexia Snowe.
Lexia Snowe's short script, Black and Blue, a 20 minute crime thriller and black comedy, placed in the Semi-Finals of the Screencraft Short Script Contest 2015. Lex is considering shooting the film herself in 2016. For more about films written and directed by Lexia Snowe, see BenthicPictures.com
Lex's debut short film, 'Look' (working title), which she wrote, directed and stars in, is presently in post-production, with an expected completion date of May 2015. Check out stills from the 4-minute action film in the 'Look' Stills Gallery
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