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Lexia Snowe writes screenplays and makes films in the action, sci-fi and thriller genres.
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Lexia Snowe is a transatlantic writer and filmmaker, born in England in 1980. Here she is, thousands of miles later, in Los Angeles, looking inspired or something:

Here's what Lex does...

Feature screenplays

Lex writes feature screenplays in the action, thriller and noir genres for both studio and independent production. She has projects in development in both USA and Europe.
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Lex's debut short film 'Look' is now in post-production. She is directing three more self-penned shorts throughout 2014. She has written three feature scripts for directing herself over the next 10 years. More about Filmmaking


Lex also writes prose and commentary pieces. She is currently polishing up her first novel 'Climbing Scrapyards' for publication, and posts new fiction to her online journal Scatterpunk on Mondays. More about Fiction

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Original feature scripts, intended for directing by others. Date indicates anticipated completion.

  • Aug 2014

    Terminal Delivery

    High-budget/studio. SWAT action-thriller; near-future; female-led. Concurrently developing as a graphic novel.

  • Aug 2014

    Infirm Terrain

    High-budget/studio. Sci-fi action thriller; female-led.

  • 2015-2016

    Freight Run

    High-budget/studio. Fugitive action thriller; female-led.

... plus further projects under private development


Highlights of Lexia Snowe’s directing projects. (PP) indicates target date of principal photography.

  • September 2014 (Completion)


    Short film (4 mins). Action/comedy. Written, directed and edited by Lexia Snowe (who also stars in the film).

  • October 2014 (PP)

    Another Poverty

    Short film (3 mins). Love story. Written and directed by Lexia Snowe.

  • December 2014 (PP)

    Midnight Oil

    Short film (10 mins). Action comedy. Written and directed by Lexia Snowe.

  • November 2015 (PP)


    Feature film (110 mins). Contained crime thriller. Written and directed by Lexia Snowe.

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Novels, short stories and miscellaneous prose by Lexia Snowe. Date denotes actual or anticipated completion.

  • May 2005

    Sonnet Looking Back

    Short story. Black comedy/twisted love story. Published in ‘Mays 13’ (as 'Zoe Bullingham').
    Read it online here

  • October 2014

    Climbing Scrapyards

    Novel. Comedy adventure and love story.
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  • Ongoing

    Online journal of fiction, photography and multi-media by Lexia Snowe. New material published every Monday.
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The latest developments in Lexia Snowe's writing, filmmaking and digital media projects.


New material is published to Lexia Snowe’s online journal every Monday.
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Here is a selection of Scatterpunk pieces.

‘Felony X’, Extract

Fiction. Pulp/crime.
Extract from Lexia Snowe's graphic novel 'Felony X', publishing in 2016. A small-time journalist and streetpunk graffiti artist join forces to take down a racketeering operation in a grim, grim city. First, they have to trust each other.

The Breakfast Book

Fiction. Comedy drama.
Extract from Lexia Snowe's debut novel 'Climbing Scrapyards', in which heroine Dev recalls her beginnings in New York City, and the harrowing accident that changed her life forever.

‘Climbing Scrapyards’, Chapter 2

Fiction. Comedy.
Meet disaffected attorney Lara Edwards, one of the two heroines of Lexia Snowe’s debut novel 'Climbing Scrapyards'.

List for Life

Fiction. Black comedy.
First part of a ten-part short story about a young man contemplating suicide.

Elliot and Lucy

Fiction. Bite-sized love story.
Valentine’s Day special in a series of pendant fiction.

‘The Evolution Of Women In Film Noir'

Film journalism.
Lex dives into her extensive knowledge of film noir and looks at the evolving roles of women in six seminal movies in the genre. Fun. And as nutritious as the subject matter gets.

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